Pursuit Maximus

Designed by Spacecam Systems Inc. the Maximus 7 is the most versatile 7 axes gyro stabilized head on the market today.  It’s also the most operator friendly system in the industry providing a choice of various control device inputs including wheels, two types of joysticks, and a pan bar option. No matter your preference, Maximus 7 has the controls you need.  The Maximus 7 head provides a new freedom in positioning, stabilizing, and controlling cameras on our vehicles with unmatched reliability.

Equipment Details

System Type 7-axis carbon fiber gyro stabilized head
Head Weight 76lbs (35kgs)
Head Dimensions L: 23.5” W: 8” H: 29.5” (60cm x 20cm x 75cm)
Pan, Tilt, and Roll Limits 360° Continuous in all axes
Pan and Tilt Speed Up to 240°/ sec
Payload 75lbs (34kg)