Pursuit Boat

Designed specifically for use by military, Coast Guard, and other law enforcement agencies the custom modified Pursuit Boat is highly stable and keeps the crew safely sealed inside the cabin.  A fast, nimble, and efficient camera platform the Pursuit Boat has made shooting in a marine environment a much less formidable task.  It comes equipped with everything you need to shoot on the water and will absolutely impress with its capabilities.

Equipment Details

Vessel Length 29'
Vessel Width 8' 6"
Vessel Height 6' 6"
Max Speed 50+ KTS
Capacity 3 Passengers + Helmsman
Vehicle Height N/A
Crane Length from Front to Pivot 12'3"
Total Crane Length 19'7"
Max Weight of Camera + Head 300 lbs.
Max Height of Crane(Underslung)
Front N/A
Rear N/A
Side N/A
Max Height of Crane(Overslung)
Front N/A
Rear N/A
Side N/A
Max Depth of Crane
Front 10” Above Water
Rear 10” Above Water
Side 10” Above Water