Insert Car

Rounding out our fleet of Camera Cars is our Pursuit Insert Car.  This powerful 2007 Chevy 3500HD Four Wheel Drive is equipped with a self-correcting rear air-ride suspension producing the smoothest of rides.  It features a detachable front platform as well as an over-the-cab platform capable of carrying crew, lights, and camera equipment safely with easy set-up and an infinite choice of configurations to accommodate multiple applications.  The vehicle will accept a wide variety of techno cranes common in the industry and is also equipped with an on-board 300 amp, single or three-phase AC generator.  With a 7 position rear tow our insert car offers many different towing configurations and is most commonly paired with the Pursuit Process Trailer though it accommodates our wide variety of tow dollies as well.

Equipment Details

Max Speed 100+ MPH
Length (w/ Detachable Platform) 315 Inches
AC Generator 300 Amp, Single/Three Phase
Front Detachable Platform 37 Usable Inches
Top Platform 43 Usable Inches
Middle Platform 65 Usable Inches
Rear Platform 40 Usable Inches