Pursuit Systems, Inc.

Pursuit Systems was formed on behalf of the world’s most ambitious and extraordinary filmmakers.

By combining advanced engineering, technical prowess and massive amounts of horsepower, we’ve enabled today’s creative visionaries to capture breathtaking and never-before-seen footage of all types.

Directors, cinematographers and technicians have trusted Pursuit Systems to help them realize their vision for some of the world’s most famous high-performance feature films, television commercials and all things live action.

Many have used our remote heads, specialty rigs and cranes to replace other traditional gear on-set, thanks to the near-limitless shooting flexibility they offer.

Whether the blistering speeds of a race track, the brutal terrain of nature’s worst, or the need to tear through confined spaces, we’ve built a rig for that. And if a new challenge arises, we stand ready to launch a full-scale design and engineering team to break new ground and for yet another innovation.

We invite you to view the full line of equipment designed to take you and your audience faster and farther than you might ever have imagined possible.