Standard Pursuit Crane

The Pursuit Crane is the result of years of design, engineering, and testing in our efforts to create the most capable stabilized remote crane in the industry.  At lengths of 12, 16, and 20 feet, our design’s superiority has been proven over more than 10 years working on big-budget features and countless television and commercial jobs.  It has pushed the limits at speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour and temperatures above 130 degrees and is also completely impervious to rain and snow.  Adaptive electronics in our unique “Flight Dek” controller enable precise movement from 1/100 to more than 90 degrees/sec.

Extended Pursuit Crane

The Extended Pursuit Crane is based on our Standard Pursuit Crane platform but takes it to another level.  Reaching an additional six feet, for a total of 26 feet of length, our extended crane is just as capable while reaching new heights.

Pursuit Marine Crane

A highly capable design on land and now just as capable on the water.  Our Pursuit Marine Crane, when mounted on our Pursuit Boat, provides unmatched performance in any conditions.  Reaching a full 16 feet in length it allows for sweeping shots and our “Flight Dek” controller enables precise movement from 1/100 to more than 90 degrees/sec.