Pursuit Black Unicorn

The newest addition to our remote head inventory is the Pursuit Black Unicorn.  It was designed and engineered with the highest speed, response, and stabilization goals in mind.  More than capable of accommodating cameras with lenses up to 350mm of zoom in addition to other accessories such as matte boxes, spinners, lens motors, MDRs, witness cameras, up to a moderate 3D rig.  Already a proven performer on multiple features, series, and commercials and available for your next shoot now.

Equipment Details

System Type 3-axis gyro stabilized head
Head Weight 50lbs (23kg)
Head Dimensions L: 28” W: 22” H: 31” (71cm x 57cm x 78cm)
Pan, Tilt, and Roll Limits 360°
Pan, Tilt, and Roll Speed Up to 240°/sec
Payload 80lbs (37kg)