R1 Rig

The R1.  The original carbon fiber rigging system designed and engineered entirely in-house to accomplish locked-off action shots has been a staple in the industry for nearly 20 years!  Suitable for use with both still and cinema cameras it is a perfect choice for picture cars you would rather not damage with mounting taking place under the vehicle.  Teamed up with our unique light-weight two/three axis head it offers a 180 degree range of motion with smooth, precise, starts and stops.  The R1 is also available with our motion base accessory to provide additional range.


Nearly every element of every piece of equipment in our lineup is designed, engineered, and fabricated in-house in our fully-equipped 4500 sq. ft. fab shop.  This means that not only can we create just about anything you can dream up but once it’s fabricated we know it better than anyone else.  From the minds of our skilled craftsmen, sound design meshes seamlessly with sound engineering to create products which are unsurpassed in the industry.