Pursuit Black Unicorn

The newest addition to our remote head inventory is the Pursuit Black Unicorn.  It was designed and engineered with the highest speed, response, and stabilization goals in mind.  More than capable of accommodating cameras with lenses up to 350mm of zoom in addition to other accessories such as matte boxes, spinners, lens motors, MDRs, witness cameras, up to a moderate 3D rig.  Already a proven performer on multiple features, series, and commercials and available for your next shoot now.

Pursuit Maximus

Designed by Spacecam Systems Inc. the Maximus 7 is the most versatile 7 axes gyro stabilized head on the market today.  It’s also the most operator friendly system in the industry providing a choice of various control device inputs including wheels, two types of joysticks, and a pan bar option. No matter your preference, Maximus 7 has the controls you need.  The Maximus 7 head provides a new freedom in positioning, stabilizing, and controlling cameras on our vehicles with unmatched reliability.

Pursuit Flight Heads

Available in both a 3-Axis and 4-Axis gyro stabilized configuration our Pursuit Flight Heads are well suited for any job.  They are compatible with both wheels and joysticks giving the option of selecting the controls which you are most comfortable with.

Pursuit Compact

A solid, long standing contributor in our lineup of remote heads.  The Pursuit Compact 3-Axis gyro stabilized head has been utilized in the production of feature films, commercials, and television programs alike.  It features a smaller footprint but is just as capable as our larger Pursuit Flight Heads.  It is compatible with both wheels and joysticks giving the ability to operate it using the input device of choice.

Pursuit H1

Designed specifically to compliment our R1 Carbon Fiber rigging system, the new H1 head is lightweight yet exceptionally steady. It readily accepts the Arriflex 435 and similar cameras and a custom Microforce joystick provides precise, reliable movement in two or three axes. In association with Camera Control Inc, we are pleased to now offer motion control capability of the H1 as well.